Squid Game: The outrageous amount that Netflix won

The Netflix benefit will be 40 times more than it spent on the series

squid game NETFLIX, Squid Game

The Netflix, the global success of Squid Game, is expected to bring in more than $ 900 million.

According to Bloomberg, this is an amount 40 times higher than the 21,4 million paid by the company for the production of the series.

South Korea's popular show is by far Netflix's biggest TV show. Squid Game beat Bridgerton 2 minutes on Netflix as nearly 132 million people watched at least two minutes of Squid Game in the first 23 days.

Netflix estimates that 89% of those who started the show watched at least 75 minutes (more than one episode) and 66% of viewers, or 87 million people, completed the series in the first 23 days.

In total, people have spent more than 1,4 billion hours watching the series, which was created by Siren Pictures.