Bad guess: Netflix is ​​putting an end to "borrowed" codes for good

The company is facing many problems as it shows a decrease in its subscribers.

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"Thorn" remains for Netflix users who share passwords with the subscription platform to implement a new system that will end this habit.

"Legal" sharing

In particular, according to the Daily Mail, Netflix plans to make account sharing "legal" where multiple users will have the same account, but at a cost lower than that of a single account. This sharing will be for friends or family members who live away from the household. Otherwise someone won't be able to use it.

The company predicts that some subscribers will cancel their subscriptions, but eventually usage will increase because those who "borrow" other people's accounts will open their own. Those who remain, however, will be able to transfer their profiles (and therefore all their preferences) to new accounts.

Testing of the new system has already begun and is expected to be implemented across the platform from the end of March, reports the Daily Mail.

Last year, Netflix reported a loss in subscribers for the first time in 10 years. In the first quarter of 2022, subscribers fell by 200.000, a marginal decline in terms of total revenue, but real.

On the other hand, looking for ways to increase its revenue, Netflix in November introduced a new type of account with ads for $6,99 a month, alongside the $9,99 account that has no ads.