The movie of the year that you are obliged to see

Leonardo DiCaprio the leader of his generation

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To be honest, I never expected to see such a good movie on Netflix, but "Dont Look Up" is definitely the smartest movie of 2021, but also one of the best movies of the decade.

Two scientists discover that a huge comet is approaching the Earth and in 6 months it will destroy everything and mark the end of humanity. They decide to warn the government, but they face paranoia, political expediency, and confrontation that makes you want the comet to come sooner and fall on you.

The film is a metaphor, but it reminds us of what we are living through now. Many will see the comet's threat of a pandemic, others will see the environmental catastrophe (among us this wants to show), others will see the danger of human vanity, but whatever you see for sure is what a scientist goes through when must mingle with politicians.

The humor of the film is so caustic that you laugh, you get upset, you get angry almost at the same time. The director plays smart with all the actors, no role could be missed, and Leonardo DiCaprio proves why he is the best actor of his generation.

Watch out for the part where the salvation of the planet is wasted for the sake of the desire of a billionaire. You will see a lot in common with what Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are trying to do right now.

Please see the scene after the end titles, you will understand a lot of what the director wants to go through.