Netflix in Cyprus: The new "tenant" of the Prison - The death that shocked him

Cyprus Prisons have been selected as a "model of a penitentiary institution"

imagew 1 11 NETFLIX, Cyprus

Journalist Raphael Rowe has been in Cyprus for the last few days on behalf of Netflix. Rowe presents on Netflix the documentary Inside the World's Toughest Prisons which deals with life in the world's most difficult prisons.

According to a citizen's article, the Cyprus Prisons have been selected as a "model of a penitentiary institution". The episode starring the Cypriot Prisons will play on Netflix in the new year. In the same episode, the Norwegian Prisons will be presented, which also follow a human-centered program.

Rowe is a British journalist and presenter who was convicted in 1990 of murder in 1988. He was released after serving 12 years in prison after being acquitted.

Before being "imprisoned" Row enjoyed the beauties of our island and the good weather since he lived in various cities of Cyprus. He swam in Protaras while enjoying the hospitality of the city of Zeno. He even watched the football match APOEL - Paphos FC at GSP!

The day before yesterday, however, he revealed that he had learned that a former convict with whom he had collaborated in a documentary had died. The convict did not die in prison but when he was released.