Unbelievable: She gave birth 10 days after her death! Shock & questions

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A mother of five gave birth to her sixth while in the morgue, causing shock and questions.

An infant came out of his mother's womb ten days after her death!

The 33-year-old woman complained of sudden shortness of breath, shortly before it ended.

After the death of the mother of five children, her body was given to the funeral home to perform the funeral procession.

But on the day of the funeral, ten days after her death, the staff of the funeral home found that between the legs of the dead woman was her dead baby.

Muscle relaxation can lead to the birth of a baby, according to the South African Media, where the incident occurred.

Describing the incredible scene, the director of the funeral home said: "When we took the body from the morgue to put it in the coffin, we found that the newborn baby was between her legs.
The baby was dead. We were in such shock and we were so scared that we did not even look at his gender.
"I have been at work for over twenty years and this is the first time I have heard of a stillborn woman giving birth."

The 76-year-old mother of the woman, in an even worse psychological state, described how the experts are trying to explain to them how it is possible that she gave birth to a dead woman.

"I am over 70 years old and I am hearing such a thing for the first time. What happened to my child? "First I collapsed with the death of my daughter and now I have suffered the shock of my life, learning that she had given birth while she was ten days dead."

The family, however, reportedly ignored reports of black magic and planned the cremation of the mother along with the dead newborn.

What has not been clarified is whether the baby could have been saved, if the doctors had taken care of him, when his mother fell ill.


Source: ant1iwo.com