The most suitable "Unmatched" are brothers, they want to drink coffee with Tsipras and express their question about the anarchists

Christos Koutras and Giannis Ntsounos made an appointment at and talked about everything with a lot of humor and even more honesty

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"Friendship is a kind of virtue, or at least intertwined with virtue. But other than that, the friendship it is also a very necessary thing in human life, because no one would prefer to live without friends, even if he has all the other goods in his possession ", Aristotle had said about friendship. But what happens when this friendship is placed on a set between two… "mismatched" characters and the cameras "write"?

As history and course show, television and non-television, two "Unmatched" types, can disagree, have fun, complement each other and at the end of the day call each other "brother".

The "Unmatched", Christos Koutras and Giannis Ntsounos, every day at 10.00 they have an appointment with the viewers through the frequency of SKAI. This time, however, they made an appointment with and talked about their disagreements, television, Alexis Tsipras, the Anarchist Movement and television viewing.

- Let's start with the title of the show. How did "Unmatched" come about?

Giannis Ntsounos: The "Mismatched"Was the inspiration of Stamatis Malelis. He made the name.

Christos Koutras: Especially for our political disagreement.

GN: I on the right, Christos on the right.

HK: We call it center-left.

GN: Yes, we call it center-left now.

HK: Social Democracy.

GN: Yes, in social democracy, in the center-left, in the κά center-right. Whatever that patchwork is. And so the title came up. The other reason that "Unmatched" came out was because we had different views on several issues, but they came out in a way that made others laugh.

- Make friends outside the set. Were you "stuck" on the show?

HK: We got stuck before the show. I have been at SKAI for fourteen years, Giannis has always been at the station. Well, when I went to SKAI we met. We are a family. I will marry him. We had told him to baptize his child but I told him very honestly that I would not be consistent. It's not nice not to be consistent with a child.

GN: While for me he doesn't care to be!

HK: What effect do you have on marriage? You tell him, "Are you going to hang yourself?" Ate! All good".

GN: Religious marriage is pending, we couldn't make it this year because of a joke, whenever it happens, Christos will be the best man.

HK: We are family, we are not friends.

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- They call each other "brother"…

GN: You can hear the "brother" very often. This is not friendship. For me, my support is Christos. If I want to say something to a person, I will say it first to Christos and then to the others.

HK: We have fun together, we laugh. The work is over and then we will laugh.

GN: I can drive and think of something. I bring his face to my memory and laugh. I "cry" with the reaction he would make. Respectively, he too.

HK: We are more than friends, we are family. Because we don't have property or financial differences, we have a great time.

GN: This is also a point where we are compatible. In the bank accounts. They both have, around 10-12 of the month, the same four digits… 0000. We fit perfectly.

HK: At the same time, our lives are moving in parallel. The strange thing is, we don't go out much together. As it was in previous years, our lives did not go well together. We did it the day before yesterday.

GN: After fifteen years we went a week.

HK: The first thing that happened was that I threw him in the hotel pool as soon as we arrived.

- The television is full of examples of twins, who appeared, trumpeting their friendship and when the cameras "turned off", their friendship "turned off"…

GN: We were a "couple" before, since we were in the reportage, now that the "wedding" came and we became a "couple" in front of the cameras, nor did we realize that there are cameras.

HK: For business, we will never fight.

- Where does so much confidence come from?

HK: To explain to you. It doesn't matter who is talking more and who is talking less. It doesn't matter who speaks first and who doesn't. It doesn't matter who says good morning and who says good night. It doesn't matter.

GN: Imagine that the radio show that is longer than the TV show, because the TV also has commercials, there may be shows where 80% Christos speaks and 20% me or vice versa. We have no such issues.

HK: We have no question of winning each other over, of appearing to be more than each other. And with the same ease with which we started the show, when the time comes, we will stop.

GN: They are fully aware of all this.

HK: With the same ease, one will say "go do something else". Another opportunity may arise.

GN: We like what we do and that confirms what we said before about brother. That is, if anything happens to your brother, you will tell him "go do it!"

- If a proposal is made to one of the two, that is, it will fall on the "table" and you will discuss it?

HK: The proposal was made to one of the two and the first thing that was said is "yes, the proposal is acceptable if it is the other one". That's why I'm telling you professionally we're not going to fight. One of them may decide to stop. We will remain friends again. With the same ease with which we entered television, we will stop with the same ease. We don't have to worry about turning off the TV at 70-80.

GN: We are not addicted to television and we are aware of how we are progressing. Everyone thinks that our anxiety is how from the age of 45 we will jump to 75 doing the same thing. Oh no!

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- What are you arguing about?

HK: Sports.

GN: I am sick.

HK: PAOK I, not sick, am a basketball player.

- Do you go to the stadium and shout slogans?

GN: Let's go.

HK: Mainly because I can't see my team because it's in Thessaloniki.

GN: I shout slogans.

HK: He was shouting at one of his players Panathinaikos one day and his brother was next door!

GN: What to do; I did not know. I apologized.

HK: The child did not play well and said… said…

GN: He says to me, "Brother, for so long, stop…" I say to him: "What do you care?" He tells me: "He is my brother!" Oh, I gathered!

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- Who is the absolute and who is the compromiser?

GN: The absolute is Christos, I am more compromising. Christos is always right and the story ends. Our discussions reach to the amen. And they end like this… "let it go, okay you are right, it 's over". Or Christos can say "it's over" because I do not leave it either but I will not let my soul go. But he is right most of the time. But there must be a contradiction.

HK: John never thinks cunningly. Someone may tell you something and have 3-4 things behind it.

GN: That's why even when there is something serious, I trust him completely. He sees some things more realistically.

HK: I'm not gullible. I am with Giannis because I know that what he will tell me is this. Most people are not like that.

- How do you react when someone approaches you with deceit?

HK: Bad.

GN: Saw; How big do very simple words make sense? If it is found that someone is making fun of one of the two for any reason, then it is my pleasure because my brother is taking over.

HK: Since we have not given anyone the right, I do not want anyone to give us the right. I don't pick it up.

GN: We like straightforwardness. So when it comes to the surface, it's Chuck Norris.

- What do you have to do with viewing numbers?

GN: Anyone who is on TV and says they don't care viewing numbers to me he is a liar. I say it boldly. We all look at them. From both of us, this part has been taken over by my brother who is more experienced in numbers, in general, financially and television.

HK: Every morning, to know what response you had. It does not affect us. We also have a good editor. Let's say that. The man who is in our ear, Giannis Kolokythas, if we escape, gathers us. We can very easily escape. We are humans.

GN: If there is a problem, we are also affected. It keeps us gay.

HK: Yes, I look at them, mainly I study the analysis they send us.

GN: That's where you can't talk to Christos. Because a lot of idiots come.

HK: There is a lot of discussion about the numbers in Greece in the sense that we look at the issue a bit superficially, while it is not superficial. So in the age of the internet we are discussing other things. In the analysis of numbers, I am impressed by the numbers we have in people with higher education. This is a quality feature.

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- Menegaki, Skorda or Kainourgiou?

HK: Each has its advantages.

GN: All three don't happen, do they? Menegaki then.

HK: Keinourgiou is fresh, Skorda is impressive but ... Menegaki.

- But he leaves the TV…

HK: He's doing very well, I'm glad he's doing that. It shows that he does not have this madness. He will click and find a job.

GN: As we did with modeling. When we left modeling we clicked and found a job.

- Who is the most difficult guest who has been through the show?

HK: The most difficult guests are the bulletins, there are combinations of women who have hair pulling.

GN: Explosive combinations.

HK: Last week we had Mrs. Voultepsi and Mrs. Tzakri… and I was alone and the time came when I could not pick it up. You let it evolve. What are you going to do; Will you get in the middle?

- Have you ever said "no" to a guest?

HK: No, whoever wants comes.

GN: There are those who do not want to come.

HK: Mr. Tzanakopoulos, when he was a government representative, we would call his office, and they would tell us: "This is not your show for Mr. Tzanakopoulos."

GN: Be well man.

- With the news "running" on all fronts, political, economic, social and international, what is ultimately more important. Promote the event or get the news out at all costs?

HK: On TV, once someone comes and wants to talk, you don't have to pull it off much. He will say so. You need to ask him the right question.

GN: We want to complete our day as we begin it. Honestly.

- How do you deal with TV opponents who charge you for not being against the government?

HK: Today we came out for the urban planning plan for Mati, we told the competent deputy minister, for the arbitrary ones. That was the argument of the previous government. Won't you tell him since the previous government said so? Of course you will. For the last 10 days we have been talking about the Banks, no matter what the government says, we have been saying it every day. Is it just opposition to cursing the other? We had personally found, me or John none of his government SYRIZA; No one.

GN: Opposition is not the attack.

HK: Let's just say I would love to meet Mr. Tsipra. To talk like humans. Let's have a coffee. We were the same age, the same generation. When Tsipras made the occupations, I also occupied then. Prime ministers are usually pressured by their advisers. So I think Tsipras has stepped on it. A young person cannot speak many times older than an 80-year-old. He is a modern man. We met him with his camera, as a candidate for mayor of Athens, a fresh face, but the ideas that came were something that needed a lot of criticism. That is, the war that SYRIZA opened with Media it was unnecessary. I didn't understand why he opened it and I didn't have anyone to discuss it with. With SYRIZA executives, because I have many friends there, we discuss it in our private conversations and they tell me the same. During the embargo that SYRIZA had made on SKY We were talking to a lot of people from SYRIZA who wanted to come to the show. At some point I think I have a chance to ask him.

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- Recently, both SKAI itself, as well as collaborators of the station such as George Liagas and Aris Portosalte, have been attacked by various teams. Are you afraid that similar attacks may occur in the future?

HK: Yes. They said, so did he Liagas, a serious beep, but then, to send and tell him to kill your children…

GN: It's even more serious.

HK: I think the attack on Liagas was disproportionate. For Mars now. He is the first to criticize this government, but no one has said so. We live in a democracy, everyone can freely express their views, have whatever sexual preference they like, it does not bother anyone as long as it does not burden the society as a whole. THE Aris Portosalte, I don't think it burdens society as a whole, it expresses its point of view.

GN: And he has been expressing it for 30 consecutive years.

HK: And he expresses it as the children in Exarcheia express it. I used to go to Exarchia a lot when I first came to Athens, I had a lot of anarchist friends. But anarchists! They never thought of going to burn Mr. Babi's shop. The Anarchist Movement this is not thought of. To burn the life of an honest man who is struggling to make a living. This is not the Anarchist Movement. I have studied the subject. I'm not saying air chat. It's like burning books. It is fascism upside down. Portosalte can say, if he does not offend anyone, his point of view. That means democracy. Self-judgment for me is not meant. As it is not meant to go under the house where his family lives with his child… What anarchists are they? It is forbidden to disturb the other's family home.

GN: Fascism upside down.