When is it good to start giving pocket money to children?

Adolescence and the disorders it causes in the balance of the family - What a specialist psychologist tells newsbeast.gr

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Η puberty is the pre-eminent age of experimentation and questioning of boundaries, rules, patterns, relationships, in an effort to deeper understanding and connection with ourselves.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is usually intense, with conflicts between family members, but also with dramatic changes, which usually lead parents and children to higher levels of maturity and development.

Below you will find sequels, answers to daily concerns about raising teenagers.

The answers to the question, which is “the pocket money and when it is right to start giving it to the children ", on the occasion of the beginning of the school year, was given to us by the special psychologist (MSc) - family psychotherapist, Mrs. Olga Kotrotsou.

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Pocket money is a very important concept in the daily life of children, as it promotes their autonomy, independence, responsibility and emphasizes the trust that parents have in them.

From the very beginning of elementary school, a child could learn with the help of parents to manage small amounts that correspond, for example, to his price. breakfast from the school canteen and can be given by the parents on a daily basis.

As the child gets older and as long as he / she seems to be able to manage this money, then the amount can be increased to meet the needs of the child per week and later per month and this applies to all the expenses he / she can cover. the same.

So, a child who finishes it primary, he can distribute his pocket money in a way that covers the breakfast of the whole week, but also the expenses for some personal small market (a notebook with his favorite hero, a magazine that interests him).

A high school child, could include, among other things, going out with friends, e.g. for cinema etc.

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It is important that the pocket money is stable, depending on the needs of each child and his age, but of course the financial capacity of the family. Parents are helpful in helping the child understand that money they give him are not unlimited, therefore their adequacy depends on proper management by him. So they help him to set priorities for the desires he will meet with them.

It is also good that this money is not given as a reward for e.g. good grades, nor deprive the parents of the child by punishing a behavior they do not approve of.

It is advisable to adjust the amount each time to the needs of the child, depending on the age phase and after discussion with him.