A Greek singer owns the dismembered corpse found on train tracks…

ImageHandler Greek singer, lost his life, TRAIN

Shock was caused by the announcement of the journalist Andreas Kouvelogiannis on his personal Facebook account, with which he announced the death of a famous singer.

He himself informed us that the body of the man who fell on the rails of the ISAP station in Agios Nikolaos two days ago and was identified today, belongs to the well-known folk singer, Vassilis Kalousis.

Specifically and as he states in his post:

“Terrible. Vassilis Kalousis committed suicide. Today, they identified a mutilated corpse that they were able to collect from the train tracks at Agios Nikolaos station two days ago.

AND unfortunately he was a friend, a good singer who ended his life, obviously for understandable reasons… Unemployment and stress are harsh realities… "

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Source: ant1iwo.com