GREECE: He lay down on the train tracks and shouted "press me"

The driver overtook and stopped the train

Screenshot 2021 04 08 165126 TRAIN

A man lay on the train tracks in the area of ​​Nea Ionia Volos at noon on Thursday (8/4) and in this way he allegedly tried to end his life.

According to information from, the pilot of the train that was running from Volos to Larissa, saw a man lying on the railway tracks at the height of Vamvakourgia and managed to press the parking brake to stop the train.

In fact, as reported on the local page, the train for fractions of a second did not reach the man who was allegedly in a state of amok, as he was allegedly shouting "press me, press me".

After the train stopped, the driver and crew of the line got off and were removed, while the train continued its route to the neighboring city.