A train dragged an 18-year-old while he was shooting a video for TikTok

Screenshot 2021 01 23 151453 18 year old, TikTok, TRAIN

A young man was fatally injured by a passing train in Pakistan while a friend videotaped him walking along the tracks of a video train he wanted to post on TikTok, police and first aid officials said today.

The accident took place on Friday in the suburb of Rawalpindi, near the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

Hamza Navid, 18, was walking along the train tracks while a friend was filming him, said Raza Rafakat Zaman, a spokesman for local first aid services.

"The incoming train hit him as he posed for a video and walked on the tracks," Zaman added. First aid services rushed to the area, he continued, but the young man was already dead.

Friends of the victim told the first aid services that he wanted to post the video he was shooting on TikTok and the other social media accounts he had, Zaman clarified.

A police official confirmed the news of the accident.

Taking selfies and videos to post on social media is very popular in Pakistan, as well as in many other countries, where many young people post their Facebook, Twitter and TikTok accounts.