Italy: Train left the station without a driver & derailed


A passenger train covered a distance of seven kilometers, without its driver, until it derailed, injuring three people, many Italian media reported. The accident happened at around 12.45 on Wednesday afternoon, at the Karnate Usmate railway station, in Monza, northeast of Milan.

The driver had got off the train to take a break with the controller. The train left on its own and derailed a little later, slightly injuring three people, including its one and only passenger. Prosecutors launched a preliminary investigation after local train company Trenord admitted that "for reasons that have not yet been clarified" the train started from Panterno station without a driver.

The security system was the one that "led" the train to a section of unused railway lines at Karnate Usmatte station. The images broadcast by the television show that one wagon has fallen to the side and another has been tilted at a 45 degree angle.

Source: KYPE