USA: A woman was raped in the subway and the passengers were filming

It could have stopped in time if a passenger was calling 911

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The rape of a woman on a Philadelphia subway train could have been avoided if her passengers, instead of filming this "horrific crime" with their cell phones, had used them to call the police, the Transportation Service says. of Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPTA) regarding the inconceivable incident that has "frozen" the United States.

The woman was sexually assaulted shortly after 9pm on Oct. 13 on a South East Pennsylvania Transportation Service (SEPTA), which is responsible for public transportation in Philadelphia.

"There were other people on the train who witnessed this horrific act and could have stopped in time if a passenger had called 911," police spokesman SEPTA spokesman John Golden said of the incident.
SEPTA and the Upper Darby Police Department, which is investigating the case, have not confirmed other details, which were broadcast by local media.

Videos from the security cameras of the train show the woman trying to push the perpetrator, pushing him repeatedly.

According to local media, during the 45-minute attack, the other passengers videotaped the perpetrator with their mobile phones but no one intervened.

Eventually, someone called 911. This phone call from a SEPTA employee who was off duty at the time allowed police to stop the attack and arrest 35-year-old Fiston Ngoi, who is charged with rape, sexual assault and other offenses. .

Ngoi, who said he lived in a homeless shelter in Philadelphia, was remanded in custody and will stand trial on October 25.

He claims that the sexual intercourse was consensual, a fact which the woman denies.

The woman had gone to a brewery after work and then boarded the wrong train at 9.15pm. A few minutes later Ngoi got on the train, sat down next to her and tried to touch her. The attack escalated into a rape at 9.52, according to local media.