Soldier sees his daughter's birth via video call and goes viral (video)

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A moving video with a man being miles away, but also inside the maternity hospital.

An American soldier saw the birth of his daughter in Mississippi online from the Dallas airport and via video call.

Brooks Lindsey "stuck" at the airport due to a delay in his flight, after his wife entered the delivery room early, but thanks to technology, he managed to see in real time the arrival of his daughter in life.

At the time of his daughter's birth, he was in the waiting room, sitting on the floor and visibly. Dumbfounded.

His wife, however, expressed her happiness for the fact that the flight was delayed, as otherwise, she could not call him and see the birth of his daughter, since he would be in the air.

It was his mother who invited him to participate in the most important moment of his life.

The video with the soldier was taken by a fellow passenger and his wife posted it on her personal account and it immediately went viral, while then she uploaded photos of him hugging his daughter.

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