London: Cypriot police officer helps in childbirth

Untitled 4 GENNA, Cypriot police officer, London

A Cypriot police officer in London, specifically in the Enfield area, offered to help a woman give birth at home.

According to a report in the newspaper "Parikikiaki", Cypriot police officer Andri Andreou, together with a colleague of hers, were patrolling the area of ​​Enfield, when a man ran towards them in fear. He told them he was ready to take his wife to the hospital to give birth, but the baby was coming prematurely and there was no time.

The Cypriot police officer immediately ran to the woman and helped her give birth. The two police officers stayed with the couple and little Florence until the ambulance arrived. "It was a moving and shocking moment. As I feel grateful that I participated in this ", said Andreou in her statements.

Source: philenews