The miracle baby born 340 grams! Incredible images

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The little boy won the battle for life and managed to survive!

The youngest baby ever born in Britain managed to overcome all odds and survive, despite fears of the worst.

When his mother was in the 19th week of pregnancy and while she was already younger than normal, the fetus stopped growing and the doctors warned his parents that they would lose it.

Finally, the baby boy was born by caesarean section in the 26th week of pregnancy, weighing only 340 grams. Previously, a proposal was made to the parents to terminate the pregnancy, due to its size.

His parents only grabbed his hand before the baby was taken to technical support, and told them they would most likely never take it home.

baby - lighter - Britain - Theo Taylor

But little Teo managed to win the battle for his life seven weeks after his birth. He was finally discharged and after an operation on his abdomen he went home on July 7.

He is now six months old and is officially the youngest baby born in Britain.

His state of health is good and he does not face any complications, he only receives oxygen.

baby - lighter - Britain - Theo Taylor

baby - lighter - Britain - Theo Taylor