He bought a warehouse for 500 euros, found something incredible inside and they gave him 1.200.000 to give it back

Dan Dobson and the story with the warehouse that was bought for 500 euros and finally hid a huge monetary treasure.

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Ο Dan Dobson and the story with warehouse which was bought for 500 euros and eventually hid a huge monetary treasure.

In the USA there are warehouses that many leave, as a result of which they go out auction along with their content.

In Greece there may not be such spaces, but in the USA it is common for large properties to be divided into small separate rooms that become warehouses and are rented to interested parties. Those of you who have seen it Breaking Bad., you will remember that Walter hid in one such, the money he made from drug trafficking.

But many, while they have rented them and have things in them, lose them, as either they can not pay, or they just do not care, with the result that the owners of the space put the content up for auction.

You may have seen it done in the press series Storage Wars, but even if you have no idea, get a little taste.

What Dan Dobson's warehouse hid

One of the people conducting these auctions is Dan Dobson, who recounted an incredible incident when an elderly lady approached them to tell him that at one of her auctions, she had bought the contents of a warehouse for $ 500. .

But there was one safe; That was inside 7,5 million dollars.

"The first person they called to open it probably did not succeed. He opened the second one, but it was not empty, as usual. "It had $ 7,5 million in cash."

"Storage Wars" is one of the most popular series on USA, which you watch through pay-TVs in the country as well. For those who do not know, it is the various warehouses that have been abandoned by their owners, put up for auction and whoever wins gets the items they have inside.


According to Dan Dotson, a lawyer contacted them and offered $ 600.000 for the money, but they refused. This proposal then doubled and reached 1,2 million, which the new owners of the warehouse finally accepted, returning the remaining 6,3 million.

It is worth noting that this particular warehouse was not chosen to be among those whose… exploration was not filmed by "Storage Wars", in order to have and evidence


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