Anna Vissi - Nikos Karvelas: The kiss on the mouth and the rumors about… reunion


They may have been separated for many decades, but the duo Vissi - Karvelas was, is and will be, one of the most beloved couples in Greek showbiz.

They met when they were still children, they took together the first and most important steps of their career. Their common path has it all, successes, marriage, separation, a child, two grandchildren, and what unites them is ultimately much more than what separates them.

In fact, they have been spending a lot of time together lately and it is not the first time recently that we see them posing together in photos from joint night outs, hugs on the couch, walks, joint appearances on stage, and more.

Conversely proportional measurement….

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Are you kidding me !!???

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Lucky me….

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That's all…….

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Summer studio lovers

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1 year at most… .. I do not think 🙂

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And here With my lifetime Man!

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Rumors that they want him to be a couple again are erupting, with many publications talking about the reunion of the most subversive couple of the Greek music scene.

In fact, the last photo published by their daughter Sofia Karvela, was the one that was discussed more than any other, sparking even more rumors, after she photographed the Anna Vissi and Nikos Karvelas to kiss. In the caption of the image, he wrote: "Happy birthday queen of our heart"!

Of course, the image made the rounds of the internet:

Happy Birthday Queen of our Hearts. #mummyboss 🖤

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The two of them once sang together "We can not separate, we will love for a lifetime"… To see, is it true in the end?