Anna Vissi "I preferred smaller men because…" (PICTURE)

The "absolute Greek star" made statements and left us speechless


It is known that Anna Vissi for several years had relationships with younger men. But what is the reason?

The favorite singer who was invited to Annita Pania's show, "Open", did not hesitate to answer and admit that:

"I was coming out of a marriage at that time, a relationship mainly because we do not call it a marriage, which a little during the last time of the relationship played an indifferent phase. And I was tired of that. And as a woman she left me thirsty. Who usually has the pleasure of satisfying a woman? A younger man. "Things were very simple and very normal."

In the same show, the daughter he has acquired with Nikos Karvelas, Sofia, also spoke via skype.

The 38-year-old referred to their relationship and made special mention of what it is like to grow up having such a famous woman as a mom.