Vissi - Karvelas: They pose together on the couch

nikos karvelas 06 0 ANNA VISSI, NIKOS KARVELAS

Anna Vissi and Nikos Karvelas have written a huge common path together, both in their personal and professional life.

They have composed company of the greatest successes of the Greek pentagram that have remained in history, while their daughter Sofia is the most beautiful they have in common in their lives.

Although decades have passed since their separation, the two still remain lovers maintaining a wonderful relationship between them. In recent years, in fact, the two of them work even closer, spend much more time together and share many of the moments of their daily lives.

On Tuesday night, Anna Vissi posted on her personal Instagram account a rare photo click with her enjoying the warm embrace of her ex-partner. "Conversely proportional measurement…", she wrote in the caption while immediately the comments and likes rained down, with many of her online friends quoting lyrics from her own songs expressing their love.


Rumors want them to be together again, although she herself recently denied it,.

The two of them once sang to each other, that "At 79 nothing will have changed, and that it will always be 19".

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