Giannis Aivazis talks about the loss of his beloved Markos

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Giannis Aivazis is one of the most talented actors on Greek television.  He has been loved by the public, both through his roles in the successful series in which he has participated so far, but also because of his lovable and approachable character. He has proven many times that he is a person with many principles and deep sensibilities.

Such a person, therefore, could not but be an animal lover. He lost yesterday his favorite dog, Marco, whom he had for the last 11 years, and who was a "member" of his family.

Wanting to say goodbye to him, the famous actor posted on his personal Instagram account a touching message that accompanied the photo of his favorite Mark.

In the message he wrote specifically:


Have a nice trip my Markouli… close to your friend Lorkitsa now !! You gave me 11 years full of joy ίζω I hope and I know… even a little… I will miss you buddy… to all of us !!! #markos #chow #rip #imgonnamissu #sad#lostmybestfriend 

"There is a place in Paradise called the Rainbow Bridge.

When a much-loved animal dies, that animal goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

There are plains and hills where our dear friends can run and play together.

There is plenty of water, food and sunshine, and our friends feel warm and comfortable.

Those animals that were old and sick, become young and healthy again. What has been beaten or mutilated becomes sluggish and strong again, just as we remember it in our dreams from those past days and times.

Animals are happy and content, they lack only one thing: the person who was important to them, and who they had to leave behind on Earth.

Everything runs and plays together, but the day comes when one of them suddenly stops and looks at the horizon. His bright eyes stare. His body is trembling. Suddenly he runs away from the company, flying over the grass, his legs catch him faster and faster έχει He has noticed you, and when you and your dear friend meet, you hug him happily, you will not be separated again. The happy kisses become rain on your face, your hands caress his head, and you look again at the loyal eyes of your friend, who for so many years have left your life but never from your heart. 
Then you cross the Bridge together ".