Why Dogs Are Afraid of Fireworks - How to Protect Them

How to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks

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In Cyprus, for several years now, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding the firing of fireworks as a large portion of our fellow citizens disagree and express complaints about uncontrollable situations and noise pollution. But beyond the issue of bullying, some also raise the issue of their pets and the disturbance caused by the click of fireworks. Today is New Year's Eve and as usual in various cities the use of fireworks will be intense with the change of time.

Here are some reasons why dogs are afraid of fireworks, followed by ways you can reduce your dog's fears and keep him calm.

4 reasons why dogs are afraid of fireworks

1. They are strong

Most fireworks produce some kind of loud sound. Dogs have a sharper sense of hearing than humans, so these loud booms, squeaks and whistles are alarming.

2. They are unpredictable

People may be psychologically prepared for fireworks, weddings, holidays, Easter and New Year, but for your dog, it's just another day. These loud sounds come without warning. Loud noises and flashing lights sound and look different every time. In addition, they come at different times, so dogs can not get used to them.

3. They are a threat

The noise and unpredictability of fireworks makes many dogs perceive them as a threat. This triggers their response to battle or flight. Your dog may bark at noises or try to escape and hide. He may show other signs of anxiety, such as anxiety, shortness of breath, restless walking and whining.

4. Fireworks make dogs feel trapped

Fireworks are inevitable especially on holidays. So if the noises trigger your dog's escape response, he will try to escape the threat. Unfortunately, there is often nowhere to go, as they can still hear these loud booms indoors.

How to keep your dog safe and calm during fireworks

Based on the above, dogs have good reasons to be afraid of fireworks. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help your vulnerable companion feel comfortable and safe.

Keep him inside: Even if your dog spends most of his time outdoors, bring him in during fireworks displays. This will prevent him from fleeing when he feels scared, which can put him in danger.

Create a safe space: If your dog is trained in a cage, make his cage available, as this is probably already a safe place for him. If not, put it in a bathroom or other small room with music to "choke" the fireworks explosion. Bringing his bed, blankets and toys to the room can make him feel more comfortable.

Try a relaxing wrap: Relaxing wrappers, vests and shirts exert light, steady pressure. Many dogs find this soothing and calming. You may find that such products help with other stressful situations, such as storms.

Awareness: Start working with your dog early enough to desensitize him to fireworks and other loud noises. You can start this process by playing fireworks sounds at a low level while playing with your dog and giving him treats. Over time, slowly increase the volume of the fireworks during these play sessions. Eventually, your dog will associate the sound of fireworks with happy and fun moments.

Not all dogs are afraid of fireworks, but it is important to remember that your dog will get information from you. Therefore, try to keep your dog calm, but remember to stay calm yourself.

Once you understand why dogs are afraid of fireworks, you can better address your dog's fears and help him stay calm.