Heartbreaking: A dog tried to revive his "friend" who was hit by a car

The internet is making a video from Mexico where a dog tries to save a battered dog from the middle of the street.

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The internet is making a video from Mexico that one σκύλος tries to save a battered dog from the middle of the street.

Using his legs, the dog tried to move him "Companion" of. However, it was not successful and the dog died on the spot.

Not only are dogs loyal to humans, but they can often offer the same expressions of affection in other animals of the same species. And it is that dogs are also able to offer this love to their relatives but also to the dogs their parents and children.

But there are also cases of dogs that go further and show loyalty and companionship with those who do not even share blood ties, such as a "friend" dog.

Dog goes viral on the internet

In this context, an image was made recently viral which caused impact and emotion on Internet users. This is a dog that is trying to "bring to life" another dog that was hit by a car in Monterrey, Mexico, according to ABC News.
In the video you can see how the body of the other animal is lying on the ground, motionless, after receiving strong impact from a driver who was going very fast on the road.

The dog accompanying the other had seen the accident, so he thought that if he shook it with his feet he could wake up. Although he tried for several seconds and had moved his partner several times, he did not react.
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We must remember that stray dogs They face many dangers of this type, since they have to sleep and walk on the streets day by day, there are times when they have the misfortune to meet people who drown them.

Also, if the driver of the car that caused the accident stayed with him and took him to veterinary clinic, may have been saved.

Unfortunately, despite the dog trying to wake his partner, the injured dog did not escape the blow and died in the middle of the boulevard.

Watch the video

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