The divorce of Athena Onassis and Alvaro-The decision and the financial earnings came out


And one of the most talked about divorces of all time has come to an end.

The last episode of her wedding Athena Onassis by Alvaro De Miranda Neto (Doda) dropped the curtain.

The untold fortune of the golden heir had been targeted by Alvaro, who claimed that financially ruined with the attention he showed her but also emotionally since Athena was not with him "erotically" and their relationship had ended years ago. In fact, he claimed that due to the depression of his granddaughter Aristotle Onassis, his daily life was very difficult.


On the other hand the Brazilian rider, as it was recently revealed he was infidel in a row and in fact from the third year of his 11-year relationship he maintained a bond m

After the revelation, Alvaro received a heavy blow as to the amount he would claim from Athena Onassis.

And the divorce came out by mutual consent with Alvara Neto getting much less than he expected. According to the two opponents, the former couple wants to avoid the radio and take the next step, this time separately.


According to the German magazine "" both were represented in the Belgian Court with the final agreement being financially in favor of Athena Onassis.

So even though Doda demanded  400.000.000 dollars (based on the calculations that emerged from the terms of the prenuptial agreement, but also of the joint ventures for the horses that he had with Athena), with him being very close to get them, after the revelation of his parallel multi-year relationship, he was satisfied in a much smaller amount without claims.