Pavlos Haikalis explains why everything in life is a wrong intention

The actor spoke to about his new theatrical performance, the "selective" coronavirus and his experience in the political life of the country

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A comedian with a strong sense of Justice and Scorpio passion, Pavlos Chaikalis spoke to about the new theatrical performance in which he stars, the "selective" coronavirus, refers to his involvement in politics, reveals why "50-50" has high ratings 9 years after the finale and explains why everything in life is a wrong intention…

- We succeed you in your new show…

Yes, "A baby for three", translated from French theatrical. Most will remember it from the movie with Tom Selek, from the 80's.

- The coronavirus has "hit" the theater. Does that scare you?

He did not scare me nor does he scare me. With care and the measures we take, I do not think there will be a problem. Besides, the theaters are large and the theaters are open. Attendance is up to the people whether they are interested in a spectacle or not.

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No. I think it is a bit strange this pandemic which "hits" only the elderly and does not "hit" everyone. She is a little picky…

- Can you tell us a few words about the show and the character you play?

My role is Michael. We are three fanatical bachelors. Suddenly one of the three gets pregnant a girl, who can not do it alone. She leaves the child to him and leaves in search of her fortune. And we are three men with a child. While trying to avoid commitment we suddenly engage with a child who creates a plethora of emotions for us.

- Sounds like a "contra" role as you seek companionship…

I believe that companionship is human. I do not think that a person can live alone. People's relationships are made because they want to show us some things. Either to improve ourselves or to improve others. I believe that abuse and mockery in a relationship is the big problem. Beyond that, the issue of the child is a piece that we need to look at more carefully. We do not have children because we have to children.

- So what is your opinion about women who choose to have a child on their own in the world?

I am against. I hear women say, I want to have a child and I do not care who the father will be, I consider it a crime because the rejection of the male and paternal role model by a child is nobody's right. I think the most important thing in relationships is not so much the multiplicity of relationships but how they treat each other as contact and not with selfish fields.

- Is selfishness in relationships the biggest evil?

To put it another way, two people fall in love because they knew each other and loved what they are. Why should he change it? Why is there a mania to correct the other believing that we have the right and that the other is wrong? Instead of competition in relationships, I believe that there should be competition. Everything in life is a wrong intention. The plus to go instead of instead.

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Lately more and more couples are getting divorced. Where is the παιχνίδι "game" lost?

Divorces exist because if there is a marriage one must follow divorce. The issue is what you get out of the relationship. There is always a reason something goes further. We are all born with mistakes and passions. We can not avoid this. What we can do is evolve through our mistakes.

- What is your biggest mistake in your relationship?

There are many, where to measure them. Like any human I believe. We are left to things somewhat. We make sure. We all do it. I'm not just talking about separations.

- And your biggest passion?

I have a passion for the way I express myself and that is wrong. I have a scatterbrained passion for domination, but not the notion of enforcement but of the point of view, of claiming certain things, of justice, which is a great passion of mine as a concept, and I fight for this thing. And many times this leads me to the wrong paths because sometimes I get away, I lose my temper. I'm trying to pick it up. It's one of the things I do.

- How did you spend your quarantine days?

Very nice. To tell you the truth, I did not want it to end. I calmed down, talked a lot with myself, did an introspection. We should all see it that way. Instead of complaining about being locked in, it was probably an opportunity to see the absence or presence of our neighbor.

- Did you reconsider your opinion of some people during the incarceration period?

You do not need the quarantine to review views and positions, either for yourself or for others. I think you have to do this all the time and do it with good intentions. It is difficult but it is necessary because this is the evolutionary element for man.

- This is difficult because we are usually carried away by the rhythms of everyday life…

Yes, but if you go into the process and say that I do not care about everyday life, I do not care to watch, for example, at 18.00 his newsletter EODY;

- So you did not see EODY updates on the course of the coronavirus?

Not at all. I did not need to listen to the updates. I did not watch TV at all these days. I did not need to do it. I did not need to get into all this depression, the outburst of malice and division. I have left them, I do not care.

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- Can the theater survive in these new conditions?

Theater can always survive when it has something to say. This is the responsibility of all of us, to make performances that have to "say" something to the audience and not to "say" something to us. To have a "moral lesson". This is his job theater, to make the other know his higher self.

- Recently, an issue was created that the artistic space and the world were not supported by the government…

This is a truth but it is not that the artistic world was not supported, the other world was not supported, the worker. Something stands out here. The ignorance of government and politicians. They do not know what the problems are.

I always speak in general, I do not specialize. I do not like to bless my beard and my industry and watch the other die. Either everyone or no one should be helped, but to help everyone there should be government knowledge of how they can handle a situation. It is a state that has no interest in theater and culture at all.

- So what could the Government do?

The fact that we cut a little and do not pay interest does not tell me anything. Yes, he found us in crisis. Since it is a war crisis and it is a pandemic, we should all treat it as a pandemic. If it is treated like a pandemic and if it is a massive catastrophe, everything should be suspended. You will tell me, "but the economy…". Yes, but what can we do? On the one hand we say Health and on the other Economy. We have to choose. There was confusion in the coronavirus information. If we want to see things right and seriously we need to get rid of the confusion.

- How easy is that? One of the characteristics of the Greek is the anabouboula…

The Greek always shouts, and say good morning to him, he will tell you why good morning since it is cloudy. This is the Greek himself. Any government intervention should be really active support. Some of us shouted about the issue of primary production and how this country except him tourism it has nothing else. There was a pandemic, tourists did not come and will not come and suddenly we are finished as a country. So we are a country that has a sun… E, at some point and the sun will do so and will go wrong in another direction and will find us dark.

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- You are an actor we have associated you with comic roles…

Yes by chance. But it wasn't just comedy roles. They find it difficult to call a comedian to play a dramatic role because we are a country that operates under the cliché "he is a comedian can not play anything else". The actor has to play everything.

- So it does not matter that you prefer them?

I would very much like to play a drama but I am afraid that the audience is still advanced. But it does matter what you do to do it well. That matters.

- Mega is back with "50-50" which is highly spectacular. Is there a "magic" ingredient that the series 9 years after its end interests viewers?

There is something in the 50-50 that no one has wondered. Why did 50-50 succeed? Because, it was done with divine intervention. In Greece its meaning casting is done only by divine intervention. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

It is a series, which after Vougiouklaki will grow for generations. It is very important to invest in series that have something to say and that are not opportunistic, so that one can see them in the replay.

- What role does friendship play in Paul's life?

Tell me a man whose friendship does not play a decisive role in his life. But the deep meaning of friendship is something that has unfortunately disappeared now. There are no true friends, which is why they are on the fingers of one hand. THE friendship It is very important to have some people next to you, advising on the good and the bad. I think this is what makes a friendship stand out. Her critical point of view when she is well-meaning.

- You are looking for honesty δηλαδή

Honesty is a big issue in things but many times we can not bear to hear it.

- Can you stand it?

I personally endure it because I have grown up alone since I was little and I have learned that honesty is the part I had with me. But suddenly I realize that speaking honestly and passionately is not good because the other person may not be ready to listen and may hurt him many times and that is wrong. It took me a while to figure it out.

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- Have you had three marriages, can we wait for a fourth?

If something is found why not?

- Have you ever lied in your relationships?

Conditionally yes. No lies. By telling a lie you will get into the process of telling more and more and then you will get lost in the clutter of lies. You do not know where it starts and where it ends.

- Is there honesty in the political life of the country?

I do not think the issue is honest. The truth, we say, which is a consequence of honesty, is internal and personal. So when we say "I tell the truth in things" it is something that concerns me because the truth of mine is not liked by everyone. Everyone has their own inner truth, so all people are right. What you are asking for in mass issues is trust. You trust a politician who can lead you somewhere better.

- Has any of the politicians currently in Parliament taken this confidence from you?

No, and because I experienced this, it does not exist and will not exist because there are the same benefits that characterize some and do not allow them to work for the benefit of the whole.

- Did you regret getting involved in politics?

Not at all! It was a very important lesson. And I thank her policy and all the people I worked with. Even those who hurt me a lot because they let me understand a lot of things.

- So you did not leave harmed by this occupation…

No! I took the positives and moved on. I did not stay in vices. I understood a lot of things so now is the time for silence and introspection.

- So what is the positive that you have left from this whole story?

The positive is only towards Paul, not towards society. I evolved much more as a human being. I understood how I handled myself, how I handled others, the passion I had and should not have because it might not be something you can put into it. I was fighting like a Don Quixote… Because I was also fooled, because I was seduced, as everyone is seduced because it is a system that works in its own way.

- How does one become an actor, who through his Art unites the world to engage in the Politics that divides?

My involvement was with a party that included leftists, rightists, etc. I never joined a party that was coordinated in an ideological profile. What I saw was that we could create the conditions for this country to change. And that was then I believe, and mine and everyone else's, that we can change and go in another direction and change things in structures, in relationships, etc. In the end, none of this happened.

- If you went back in time, would you change anything in your political course?

I would be much calmer because in many things I had escaped too. I entered with a passion. I thought I could improve, change some things. I entered with a Kazantzakis inside me. What Kazantzakis says that I want to change the whole world, was a dominant element within me. But I finally saw that it was my fault.

- Would you get back into politics?

No, because I have nothing more to say…

- What role does religion play in your life?

The truth is above all religions. THE religion and politics operate in the light of fragmentation. Art and Science operate in the light of the synthesis of things so I can not understand a religion.

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- Go to astrology school. How did the practice of astrology come about?

Even though I know astrology I think it's not a piece that ends. This school does a very serious job. There, someone who wants to start, can see and enter a magical world. It does not mean that you will not make mistakes, that you will not pay karma, that fatal events will not come to you in your life. How you manage them is up to you.

- Do your friends come to make the astrological chart for them?

Yes, and they tell me not to tell you the bad and they do not understand that it is a blessing that bad things happen to you. Because it evolves you. Pain and love are two evolutionary elements for man and you will be justified in a next life. But the other will tell me "I do not believe in the next life". Then there is no reason to talk. It does not make sense to believe that we came into life to do anything without the right to reconsider.

- Is that why you are not afraid of death?

First, it does not exist death. There is nothing in the universe that is dead. What even biology says eg dead cells, there are no dead cells, they are cells that are inactive. When man dies he does not die, he lives in another dimension. He does not die, he continues and returns either to Earth or elsewhere, with a different molecular composition because he has to experience things and situations until he evolves. There is a karma.

- Do you study astrology before an important date?

Yes, and many times I have gone against it and I have eaten a cuff. If you sit down to practice astrology you will see all this divine plan that exists for this universe. Life is one but it is not, this is a garment of hers.

- And to close as we started… What does the show "One baby for three" have to "say" to the audience?

The need for men to understand what a child means. Women should understand that they should not fight men because men also have a sensitivity and they just need to be given the opportunity to show it. It is very tender in such an era, to see that the child as a symbol symbolizes the creative part, the pleasant the optimistic message that can come out of all this time we live.