This is a common mistake we make in barbecue

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So you said to bake and this time you did everything perfectly.

You lit the embers long before the guests arrived, you used delicious meat, you made sure to include it with spices or that marinade that you prepared from yesterday and everything went smoothly.

You even remembered not to cook it directly from the fridge and often checked the temperature during cooking, ending with a delicious meat that makes you proud.

And then you put it on the plate and serve it and watch it dry, literally betraying you in the photo-finish!

This happened because you forgot one of the inviolable rules of the barbecue, that we must let the meat "sit" for a few minutes before devouring it. Otherwise, as soon as you dip the knife inside it you will see it take out all its juices, ending up becoming hard and immune.

Only if you let it "breathe" for a few minutes after you take it off the fire will it absorb its juices. And the rule says here that we leave it in a hot pan either in the upper position of the grill or completely away from the fire, covering it with a foil in which we have opened a few holes…

Source: NewsBeast