These are the moves of an organized mom for the daily life of the school

The alarm goes off, over and over again. The children get out of bed with difficulty and until you get out of it

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The alarm goes off, over and over again. The children get out of bed with difficulty and until you leave home for school, there is a little chaos with voices, running and panic. In the end, no, you leave late and you may forget something that you will need to return in a panic to get it.

Is your daily life like this now that the schools are open? If so, you are probably doing something wrong. Or you may not be well organized. See below what basic moves an organized mom makes every day for a calm and panic-free breakfast before school.

She chooses the children's clothes from the evening

Well-organized moms prepare their children's clothes for school from the evening so that they do not rush in the mornings. So choose the clothes the day before, as well as the shoes, the belt, the socks so that you do not run at 7 a.m.

They prepare the taper with the food

Preparing and putting a toast in the taper may not take you more than five minutes but these five minutes are likely to become 10 or even 15 when surrounded by children. So you can do that from the night before.

They leave earlier

It is almost certain that if you plan to leave the house at 7:45 am, the earliest you can do is be at the door at 7:55 am. Decide when is the best time to leave so you are not late and aim to leave five minutes early.

They set the alarm a few minutes earlier

If you like to snooze in the morning and you are one of those guys who set the alarm to ring every 10 minutes, the secret is to set it to ring 10 minutes earlier than the standard time. In this way you are allowed to make the small change that your body needs to wake up, to enjoy the 10 extra precious minutes of sleep but also to be on time!

They are preparing the bag from the night before

Do not let children pack their bags in the morning. And you will be late while most likely in a panic to forget something. Let them prepare it in peace from the night before.