Greece: A school roof collapsed, what the students' parents complain about

After the collapse of the shelter at school, the reactions are great

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Shelter collapsed at the 1st High School in New Heraklion during the Christmas period. Fortunately, no one was injured, although students and teachers would have been in great danger if they had been on the scene.

Nevertheless, there are concerns for the future, as the group has generally identified static failure. As the president of the Parents 'Association, Giannis Manolas, points out on OPEN TV's "Hour of Greece" show, the roof collapsed at the point where the teachers' entrance was.

Cause the 2019 earthquake

Everything was caused by the earthquake of 2019 when the three complexes in the school that accommodates 450 children and is the largest in the area were damaged.

As he points out, one complex was restored without even having a static adequacy check, while in the other two the repairs started a month ago and within Christmas the roof fell.

According to the same report, a problem for specific parts had arisen after the earthquake, but the works started last December.

According to Mr. Manolas, the Municipal Authority also has responsibilities that should be mobilized for the issue, as children may be in danger. Among all, it is reported that after the incident, the house of the guard inside the building was destroyed.