This is what happens when transphobics think they are joking about the rights of others

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In an ideal world, everyone would define themselves as they wished and feel better, without having to face the reactions of anyone else and the denial of their own state of this inalienable right. But let us come to our world.

The restaurant "Dodie's Place in Allen" in Texas considered it smart (?), Funny (?) Or anything else one can assume, to discreetly put Caitlyn Jenner in the toilets on the women and herself before having sex, that is, as Bruce Jenner in men.

Caitlyn Jenner

The photo with the toilets is doing the rounds of the internet. There are those who are not bothered at all by the spectacle, do not find it offensive to Caitlyn Jenner but also to any other person who experiences this process, but fortunately there are those who are able to realize that it is obscenity.

Beautiful world, ideally created (#not).


Source: HuffPost