Wild Bees: The news of an unexpected death will shock everything in Transparency

Rapid developments in the new episodes in the ANT1 series

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The Wild Bees they are coming next week with episodes that will be riveting.

Wild Bees, Monday 15 November - Episode 29: The posters have caused a great deal of unrest in Diafani. Akilas instructs Meletis to solve the problem of Hypatia Skafa, while Violeta openly accuses Kyriakos of being a spy. Myrsini tries to reconcile with Doukas and he makes her an unexpected proposal for a trip. Lambros reveals his secret to Antonis, while Prokopis goes ahead with his plan to justify him.

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Nikiforos' date with Rena is promising, while a big surprise awaits him in the store. Eleni is desperately looking for a way to help Lambros. Will he trust Zachos?

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Wild Bees, Tuesday 16 November - Episode 30: The efforts of Petros and Asimina to extract information from Hypatia Skafa fall into the void. Zachos will make the same effort to reach the coveted truth. Violeta and Kyriakos insist on their decision to stop cooperating. Will they be able to change their minds? Doukas and Myrsini are preparing for their trip to Paris, while Meletis and Akilas will have their first fierce clash.

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The atmosphere in Lefteris' theatrical group is tense, due to the censored text. The arrival of a mysterious man and a death, which no one knows if it is an accident or a murder, will bring ups and downs again.

Wild Bees, Wednesday 17 November - Episode 31: The news of the unexpected death will shock everyone, while Eleni and Petros are sure that it is not an accident. Zachos knows Marino Xanthos who manages to throw ashes in his eyes for the murders of EAK members. Kyriakos makes an unexpected proposal to Konstantis and Nikiforos, while Doukas and Myrsini in Paris come together again and manage to spend carefree moments.

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Varouxis shares a daring plan with Lambros, while the return of Prokopis to the cafe upsets the village.

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The day of the premiere of the theatrical performance has arrived, but everything shows that it will develop into a battlefield, with many conflicts.

Wild Bees, Thursday 18 November - Episode 32: The play manages to end, despite Drosos 'anxiety about Konstantis' condition. No one, however, has realized the real danger that awaits on the balcony. In the village, the return of Prokopis fills them all with emotion, while Eleni manages to confirm what Lambros saw on the mountain. Drosso decides to look for Konstantis and not leave his side until she sees him standing at his feet again.

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And while in Leros the escape plan of Varouxis puts Rigopoulos in trouble, Akilas has a very unpleasant surprise in store for Lefteris…

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