The tragic life stories of the protagonists in the Wild Bees

Leonidas Kakouris, Maria Kitsou, Kostis Savvidakis and other actors of the series saw "life imitating Art" in a sad way

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In 1899 Oscar Wilde wrote that "life imitates art much better than art imitates life». And how true the above words of the Irish scholar are, since we have seen them confirmed a few times in different forms and in different ways.

For some of the protagonists of the ANT1 series, Wild Bees Wilde's saying was tragically confirmed, as their personal life stories are a sad even tragic scenario.

In the successful series of ANT1 (returns on September 14 with new episodes) he impersonates in an exemplary way the hard, heartless and ruthless Duke Sevastos. In fact, the Leonidas Kakouris as a character it is understood that it has nothing to do with the TV hero.

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The only thing that binds them, is that they both felt the unbearable pain of losing a loved one. The Duke in the Wild Bees lost his son Stergios. Kakouris first lived the loss of his sister and then his father.

As he has confessed, his sister passed away at just 9 years old while he was 13.

"I have a lot of difficult things to tell about my childhood… My sister, Konstantina, when she was a little girl, had taken a pomegranate to take to the neighbor, in the village. A car passed by, hit her, she was hospitalized in Agrinio. Something went wrong. After some years he had an epileptic seizure, he entered "Agia Sofia" and did not leave. My sister and I had been together for two years. We were apart. "The parents in Germany, I to an aunt", he had said about the death of his sister.

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A few years later came the death of his father, whom the actor learned violently, while the following years were very difficult for him.

"I lost my father when I was very young. I was 18 years old. My father was 47 years old. I learned it very violently. I went to the Polytechnic to see if I went to the Law School. I flew to Vathis Square where he was staying to tell him that I had passed and there I learned that he had been killed in a car accident.

This is life, strange. From 18 to 25 I did not have the youth I should που For 4-5 years I had a fight to be able to pay off my father's taxi, because it was half and half and I actually inherited, in addition to mourning, a debt ", He has confessed.

In the character of "Lenios", the Maria Kitsou can find quite common elements. But the two have one more thing in common: they experienced the loss of their father them and death cost them.

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The actress has spoken about her own sad personal story and how fate in her own case wrote her own tragic script, as her father's funeral coincided with her theatrical premiere in a play of special significance.

"My father was in the military. He did not take other books from me, only school books, so as not to distract me. I was an excellent student. My father was strict. The first extracurricular book I got was "The Idiot". I lied to him that they asked us from the tutoring center for the exhibition. In my first show in "Idiot" my father got sick when we rehearsed.

The disease was rampant. Unfortunately he never saw me play. His funeral was on the day of my first premiere. This project. The terrible thing is that then the Melina Mercouri award was established. In 2007. After 5 years, on the same date of the first premiere, I received the award. And I was saying, he gave it to me as a gift from above ", the actress had confessed.

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She also said about her feelings: "My entrance to the theater was a bit difficult. I think if I didn't have the theater, I would go crazy. That saved me, that is, the fact that I had to go to the show every night, that is, it gathered my mind a little. At home, the situation was -as you understand- terrible. I had the full support of all the children in the troupe. Of course, when the show ended, I could not describe to you what was happening inside me ".

But her mother also has a serious problem with her eyesight.

"She has a problem with her eyesight, but she sees the series every day, while before she slept early. "She is so proud. She sees little and unfortunately it gets worse", she has revealed characteristically.

In The Wild Bees, she plays Theodosia, although her role will soon make its rounds in the series. The reason for Christina Cheila - Fameli, for which many have the same question: why it has two adjectives.

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As the actress herself has explained, Fameli is her mother and has kept for emotional reasons, after her death from cancer.

"I have kept my mother's last name since I lost her, to honor her. He left cancer. My mom knew I was going to be an actress. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was little. I stopped ballet when I lost my mother. It's something I may have regretted ", the young actress has confessed.

In fact, two years ago in the deadly fire in Mati TV Theodosia and her family were miraculously not burned. They survived the fire as a family for a few minutes, since they live in Neo Voutza and knew the straits to escape.

Kostis Savvidakis impersonates the pope of Diafani in such an exemplary way that you can be sure that he is also in holy life. And that may not be the case, however, as he himself has confessed, has experienced the miracle in his life, after a serious health problem he encountered.

As the actor has explained, he had a serious problem with his lungs as he was a manic smoker and was to enter the operating room to avoid chemotherapy. But before going through the door of the hospital, he visited Agios Isidoros in Lycabettus and there he experienced the miracle.

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"Five and a half years ago I had lung surgery, something you should not know because this is the first time I have said it. I have been smoking around four packs a day since I was 14 years old. At some point I got a cough, I went to have a radius, at some point I go to Agios Isidoros in Lycabettus, Father Dimitris crosses me and tells me "go and do an examination now". The Cross stuck to my back for twenty minutes and did not come off. "I say it very honestly," he said in an interview.

And he had added: "I do the examination and the doctor tells me," you come in on Friday and on Monday you have surgery. "I do not want to put you on chemotherapy." A wonderful scientist who found an egg-like bladder! I had to quit smoking, cutting it I gained kilos and… if I had not gone to Agios Isidoros I might not have been in Melisses or here to eat our pastilles ".

The actor had undergone another serious operation when he was just 13 years old.

"At the age of 13 I reached 120 kilos. "I suffered a deformity of the bones in both legs, as a result of which they had to break the bone in order to put it back in place and to stay in the cast for three months", he revealed characteristically.

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In the series is the housekeeper of Sevasti, the one who raised Doukas and his children. The Girl is one of the favorite characters in Wild Bees and may not be the protagonist, but with her role she has won the TV audience.

So, in her life is the Maria Antoulinaki, who also had the "dark" days of her life, after giving her own difficult battle with depression and panic attacks after the death of her father.

"Maria Kavogianni urged me to see a psychologist. Beloved man for me, I love her very much. He saw me suffering, because it was right after Dad's death and it all erupted and I could not handle it. "While I seemed to be a very happy creature at work, I cried suddenly, I was not well," she said in an interview.