Survivor: They swam after 3,5 months and were unrecognizable (VIDEO)

marialena eleftheriou survivor Survivor

Tomorrow's episode of Survivor is legendary with the players taking a bath after 3,5 months, Triantaphyllos singing "I break the clocks" and Jason Derulo giving a recital.

Tomorrow's episode of Survivor is different from all the previous ones and is one of the few, in which there do not seem to be any tensions between the players.

Something completely logical if one considers, as the party of the union of the two groups is planned.

As you can see in the trailer released by SKAI, the footage starts from the hotel where the players went and had the opportunity to swim for the first time after 3,5 months in Santo Domingo. Something that resulted in them being νώ unrecognizable.

"If Eleftheria is at this level right now, you can imagine what happens to all the other girls," says Alex Pappas.

While after the announcements of Giorgos Lianos, moments from the party that followed are shown, where the show is stolen by Triantafyllos who interpreted the success of "I break the clocks" and of course the recital given by Jason Derulo, which was enjoyed by the players.