James Kafetzis: He went to "Love It", blew them up, got up and left, infuriating Malescu

Their former Survivor player, James Kafetzis was invited to Ioanna Malescu's show "Love it" at noon on Wednesday 2/6/21

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Their former player Survivor, James Kafetzis was invited to Ioanna Maleskou's show "Love it" at noon on Wednesday 2/6/21.

James Kafetzis - The "nails" on the air of the show

After talking about his experience in survival reality and his future plans, he did not hesitate to throw his "nails" directly at the presenters of the show for the bad comments they had made to his face while he was in Saint Dominic. Logically, all this bothered the presenter of the show Ioanna Maleskou as well as her collaborators. Based on what they said, they considered that James Kafetzis is negatively biased towards their faces.

What the Survivor player said

"I have no idea what is going on in the game now. It reminds me more of Big Brother… Triantafyllos does the best job in there, he works them all in there… People keep him in the game because he laughs. You see what the TV shows and you comment.Nikos and I were promoting friendship and all of Greece is talking about the real friendship between us and you are the ones who said that Nikos is my dog. Mrs. Martzi said it, I have seen the videos… And Mr. Vassilis said that Nikos has done this on purpose with Christina. You have been sharp with me, Nikos and Anna Maria.I was in the game but those who saw are mine and for them it was more difficult than for me who was in the game. I'm not saying you have anything to do with me, I'm just commenting on what has happened. For Survivor my view is that it is a social experiment…I saw Pappas' interview where he said that the editing did not favor him. The editing did not make him call "cancer" Anna Maria and "rotten tomato" me… I have no complaints about the fact that I was commented. You invited me to discuss what has happened… My parents stopped watching your show because they were upset.For some reason there was a bias from your show to my face. Yes, I believe that and when I left the game they sent me messages telling me to watch excerpts from your show and what you have said about me. And I did it " characteristically stated o James Kafetzis

Η Ioanna Maleskou obviously annoyed, she stated that she feels an unjust attack and since, as she said, she was looking at his watch, she "released" him…See everything that happened in the relevant excerpt: