WHO: There are risks from the use of artificial intelligence in health

The World Health Organization has warned today about the use of artificial intelligence in public health

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The World Health Organization today warned against the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in public health, saying the data used by AI to make decisions could be biased or misused.

WHO says it is excited about the potential of AI, but raises concerns about how it will be used to improve access to health information, as a decision support tool and to improve diagnostic capacity to protect human health and reduce inequalities.

WHO said in a press release that the data used to train the AI ​​can be biased, producing misleading or inaccurate information that can pose threats to health, equity and inclusivity, and that the models can be used incorrectly resulting in produce and disseminate highly persuasive disinformation in the form of text, audio or video that is difficult for the public to distinguish from credible health content.

It is "urgent" to assess the risks of using large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT to protect and promote human well-being, the UN health agency said.

His warning comes as artificial intelligence applications are rapidly gaining acceptance, highlighting a technology that could revolutionize the way businesses and society operate.

Source: RES-EAP