ACHNA: The photo of the day: Five generations… Florentines! The grandmother and the great-granddaughter hug!

The photo that moved us: The first generation Florentza (Poxylari) hug with the fifth generation… Florentza, just two months old…

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A photo, a thousand words… And especially when this photo records the history of a family from generation to generation and from grandfather to grandson. In this case, however, the story is captured in a photograph from a grandmother to a great-granddaughter.

The grandmother Flourentza Poxylari, then, 86 years old, hugs her great-granddaughter and the fifth generation Flourentza, the two-month-old Flora Siantona.

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The only thing we can wish to both of them is to be 'long and happy…

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The five generations, Flora, Anna, Flora, Anna and Flora…