DASAKI ACHNAS: Leakage of sewage from tanks – The Mayor warns of environmental consequences

The Mayor warns of impacts on crops, the water table and the environment

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The Mayor of Achnas Nikos Vasilas warns of effects on crops, the water table and the environment, after the leakage of sewage from livestock tanks into the dam of the community.

In his statements, Mr. Vasilas said that the problem was detected on Sunday morning, as large reservoirs broke in an area adjacent to the dam, expressing the hope that the birdlife would not be affected.

"There will be losses," he estimated, saying that pine trees were planted in the area in 2007, while there are also orange trees. "From the sewage, it seems that crops of potatoes and grain have been affected," he added.

He spoke of an environmental "disaster" and asked the authorities to "take their responsibilities".

Asked if the relevant Departments of Environment and Fisheries have been informed, he said that he did not contact anyone responsible and referred to other cases in the past that "they do not respond".

Mr. Vasilas said that biological stations must be built otherwise "Cyprus is destroyed". He referred to the number of livestock units in the area, saying that there is relevant legislation that sets a limit on the number of animals. He said he had written to the Department of the Environment to do a study "but unfortunately nothing was done".

Source: KYPE