Strangers sell charms and charms pretending to be from the "Autism Support Association of Famagusta"

The announcement of the "Autism Support Association of Famagusta"

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Astute people deceive our fellow citizens by selling charms and charms after presenting themselves as representing the "Autism Support Association of Famagusta".

As the Association announces, it has nothing to do with lachnos, charms that some shrewd people sell to collect money pretending to be from the Association.

The "Autism Support Association of Famagusta" calls on citizens to be careful.

In a statement, the "Autism Support Association of Famagusta" states that "we would like to inform all of you who have supported us for so many years that yesterday it has come to our attention that people are walking around in the province of Famagusta selling charms to raise money for Autism and " Famagusta Autism Support Association" We would like you to be careful and know that we have no relationship with them and that our Association never sells products, charms, charms etc. from door to door".[0]=AZW9tHqKAd7I_KnlQyhonx6qHCnKSC39OO9JSSvZyZq62GRftGLZvqnJpb5D2mdmAqZDqMLdFBZeU3uzfcuIWtZaTqx_QEHapTDXz6qeWZbMjbNhrtv68nR_FV72_YyqlDb94x-XLuO_AcmqjNm9RtxAVA1IM8jSanoD5pGYMFCQQ2hXDVfY8ug8-XZ9tgiUF4w&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R