Car photo from catech. Famagusta: Its owner is wanted

car3 Occupied Famagusta, Photos

The posting of a photo of an old Volvo by the Occupied Famagusta, whose owner is wanted, has caused a stir. It is even speculated that the car belongs to the actor's brother Giannis Mentonis, known to all of us as Firfiri. The photo invites the memory to unfold the simple human stories that connect the people of Famagusta with their favorite city.

Read the text of Nicoleta Christou that was published on the website

A photo like hundreds of others is posted daily on the internet regarding the occupied Famagusta. One of them has personally shocked me… The owner who posted it is looking for the owner of the car: An old Volvo that has been waiting for its owner for decades for another ride…

Among the comments, it seems that the car probably belongs to the brother of the late actor Giannis Mentonis, who came from Famagusta of Greek origin on his father's side, from Chios, and was a racist. For most of them, he became known from the first TV series that took place at RIK, entitled: "Katotkion tis Madaris" by Michalis Pitsilidis, directed by Vladimir Kaukaridis. Giannis Mentonis appears for the first time as Firfiris. The beloved actor passed away on June 02, 2014.

car2 Occupied Famagusta, Photos

The car…

He has a car number and this shows that he may have been stolen by a Turk since his numbers seem to have changed and they belong to the pseudo-state. The car, probably built in 1966, is located in the area of ​​Famagusta and the photo was posted by Pavlos Pavlou.

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