New Tatar challenge for Varosia: "They will gradually open for installation"

"If there was no pandemic today, it would have been visited by a million people," Tatar said of the besieged Famagusta

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Varosha will gradually open for installation, said Ersin Tatar, saying that if there had not been a pandemic by today, it would have been visited by 1 million people.

Speaking to reporters at his hotel in Eskisehir, Turkey, the Turkish leader claimed that Varos, which had been closed since 1974, was wholly owned by Turkish institutions. He added that now the city has opened, which "is within the borders of the TRNC".

"We have a committee called the Real Estate Committee. We want anyone who has property to apply and return. We are continuing the process at the moment. More than 230 people have visited the Varosia area to date despite the pandemic. If there was no pandemic, the number of visitors would reach one million. When we get to the old days with tourism and students, visits to Varos will increase. Varosha will have more value. This beautiful beach and parks there will come to life. "Under international law, they will gradually open for installation," he added.

Asked about the planned "presidential palace", Tatar said that both the "presidential" and the "parliament" will be built in a way that suits this "state". In an area of ​​450 hectares, 50 acres are intended for buildings and 400 thousand acres are intended for parks. "In the words of our President (Erdogan), it will be considered a National Park," said Ersin Tatar.