Tatar: "If you said 'yes' to the Annan plan, Varosha would return"

"Properties can be returned to their owners as soon as the 'property committee' examines the applications," says the "leader" of the pseudo-state.

INTERVIEWS 2 exclusive, ERCIN TATAR, Occupied Famagusta

The leader of the pseudo-state, Ersin Tatar, states that he is ready for an informal dialogue. .

"If you said 'yes' to the Annan plan, Varos would return"

Regarding his next moves with Varosia, Mr. Tatar said "Varosia has opened. Once the estate council has considered all the applications and the process is complete, "the properties can be returned to their rightful owners".

At the same time, he stated that while Nikos Anastasiadis said yes to the Annan plan, the Greek Cypriots, including AKEL, said no. "If you said yes, then Varos would return," he said.

Regarding those who have property "either in the south or in the north", Mr. Tatar said that "the Cyprus issue is a complex issue" and "when it comes to human rights and property rights, we recognize the problem". He referred to a "general exchange" and referred to the "real estate committee" saying it was assessing the situation.

"Fully accept sovereign equality and equal international status"

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, in an interview with "Phileleftheros", stated that he wants the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriots to be "fully accepted or reaffirmed".

In the interview, he said "we are the Turks and what exactly we are is defined in the Constitution. "Greek Cypriots are Greeks and the Constitution defines what exactly it is", adding that "the Constitution is cooperative". According to Ersin Tatar, "we never had a policy of unification of Cyprus with Turkey, despite the fact that before 1878 and for 400 years, here it was part of the Ottoman Empire."

According to Mr. Tatar, "it is in the interest of both the Turkish and Greek Cypriots to recognize the reality on the island. The reality is the existence of two different peoples on the island, T / C and E / K ", adding that" we T / C do not accept to be an authority under the Republic of Cyprus. We do not want to be a minority on the island. "

As he argued, "so if there is a recognition of our sovereign equality and together with equal international status, this will encourage us to formally negotiate the Cyprus problem and all aspects related to it."

Commenting on the possibility of the situation going backwards so that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots can live together, as many on the island consider possible, Mr. Tatar said that he has many Greek Cypriot friends, including Nikos Anastasiadis, but said that the Turkish Cypriots have "their own separate state for almost 60 years" and that "it is impossible to turn back the clocks".

He reiterated that the Cypriots were unilaterally admitted to the EU, adding that the Cypriots had lost hope in Europe, noting that as soon as the Republic of Cyprus became a member of the EU, "they began to tell us that the guarantee mechanism is anachronistic and that a new system of guarantees should be based on a European framework ". "The dimensions of the approach have changed and are not tolerated by us," he added. Mr Tatar said what was missing was a new agreement because in practice there were two states on the island.

Source: KYPE