On Monday, DISY decides on the candidacy for the Municipality of Famagusta

ammoxosto Municipality of Famagusta, DISY

The Political Office of DISY is convened again on Monday to decide on the candidacy it will support for the Municipality of Famagusta, according to an announcement.

DISY announcement as it is:

"The Political Bureau of the Democratic Alarm, in the context of the proposal submitted by the party to search for a common candidate with the other parties, accepted yesterday the independent candidacy proposed by AKEL and Ambassador Pavlos Anastasiadis, considering that it can serve objectives of the reunification of Cyprus and the return of Famagusta. To pass the message of these goals both inside and outside Cyprus.

Unfortunately, the efforts to find a common candidate did not succeed, despite the climate of consensus that we wanted to prevail. But we will not dwell on that.

As a Democratic Alarm, we respect the decisions of the other parties and, fully understanding the urgency of the moments, we will not argue about the causes and causes of the choices they have made.

We thank Ambassador Pavlos Anastasiadis who set himself as a choice that would unite the people of Varos, but we also respect his decision not to be a candidate in the end.

The Executive Office of the Democratic Alarm, taking into account all the above, will be convened next Monday to take the final decisions regarding the City Hall of Famagusta, through the guidelines set by the Politburo at its meeting last Friday.