Tumer: 95% of the enclosed city of Varosia belongs to EVKAF

He claimed that 95% of the closed area of ​​Varosi is EVKAF territory

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The claim that 95% of the closed area of ​​Varosi is EVKAF territory was formulated by the general director of EVKAF, Mustafa Tumer. In his statements he stated that wherever the Ottomans conquered, the process of transferring property to religious institutions took place and that 15-30% of the property was transferred to EVKAF with the sole purpose of "achieving social justice" as he put it.

As reported by the Press and Information Office, "Guineness" writes that Mr. Toomer stated that the British accepted the "EVKAF laws" in 1878 when they leased the island, that the said laws entered public law in 1960 upon the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus and in 1983 in the "constitution" of the pseudo-state and that the decisions concerning EBKAF properties are taken based on these "laws".

He stated that the properties of EVKAF that extend over a large area from occupied Karpasia, to Morphou, Lefka, Kokkina and elsewhere are constantly being controlled and added that "the legal process" has begun for EVKAF's properties in Kyrenia.

He also claimed that 95% of the closed area of ​​Varosi is EVKAF territory, that they have found documents stating that Lala Mustafa Pasha bought the land there with his own money and that "he accepted that".

Referring to the restoration of the Hagia Sophia mosque in occupied Nicosia, Mr. Toomer said that the work started before the pandemic and had to be stopped during the pandemic, noting that two weeks ago experts from Turkey visited the occupied areas and provided an update for Selimiye Mosque.

He said that during the excavation new graves were found both inside the mosque and in the courtyard, that the area of ​​these graves was protected and that it was transformed into its old form.

Noting that the discovery of the new Ottoman graves delayed the process, Toomer said that by 2025 they would perform the Ramadan prayer at the Hagia Sophia mosque in occupied Nicosia.

Source: KYPE