25 kg of drugs washed up on a beach in occupied Famagusta (EIKONES)

It is estimated that they were thrown into the sea during an inspection

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Trying to avoid being caught by the occupying authorities while transporting drugs from ship to ship in the waters of the Mediterranean, unknown persons threw kilos of drugs into the sea and washed up in occupied Famagusta.

According to information from the GIYNIK newspaper, 25 kilograms of 431 grams of Indian hemp, wrapped in transparent nylon, inside cloth bags, were confiscated by the occupation soldiers.

Police in the occupied territories continue to investigate the drugs, it is estimated that the seized drugs were thrown from a ship sailing in the Mediterranean area.

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Drugs have been washed up in the past

14 kilograms and 793 grams of cannabis packed in 66 nylon packages were found in a plastic container with the words "Made in Lebanon" that washed ashore on the sea beach in besieged Famagusta and handed over to the police.

The drugs were found wrapped in 69 nylon packages, in a plastic drum that washed up on the seashore. The drugs found were handed over to the police by the citizen.

Source: SigmaLive