Kokkinochorion Sewerage: The commission approved 22 million for the construction of sewage collection networks

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The allocation of 22 million euros from the Cohesion Funds for the construction of sewage collection networks in the area of ​​Kokkinochoria was approved by the Commission on Monday, according to a relevant announcement.

As noted, the investment in Cyprus concerns the financing of the second phase of the implementation of the Sewerage System of the Kokkinochorion Complex. The first phase of the project was completed during the 2007-2013 Cohesion Fund financing period with EU investments of over € 30 million.

The second phase of the Sewerage System of the Kokkinochorion Complex includes the installation of the Achna wastewater treatment plant, with a capacity of 10.644 cubic meters / day, which will serve eight communities and two municipalities (according to an earlier announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture, these are the municipalities of Dery. and Sotiras, the communities of Xylofagou, Xylotympos and Ormidia in the province of Larnaca, and the communities of Agios Georgios Acheritou, Avgorou, Achna, Liopetri and Frenaros in the province of Famagusta).

The construction will also integrate a network of treated wastewater for irrigation purposes and 13 pumping stations in transport systems. In addition, the treated water will be used in the neighboring agricultural area, thus reducing drinking water consumption.

Funding for the project in Cyprus was announced at the same time as the approval of an investment of 77 million euros by the European Regional Development Fund for the construction of a tram between Seville and Alcala de Guadira in Spain, which is part of the goals for the promotion of green transport.

In a statement on the two projects, Cohesion and Reform Commissioner Eliza Ferreira said they "combine direct benefits for local citizens and the environment" and will contribute to sustainable economic growth in the future.

As he said, the project in Cyprus concerns a "modern and efficient sewerage system" which "will reduce the risks to human health and groundwater pollution". The project in Spain, he continued, concerns a "multimodal transport system" which "will encourage citizens to turn to sustainable transport".