Ayia Napa: The foreign plague of laughing gas and deliveries

Laughing gas, Nea Famagusta

A threat to young people living in Europe is the new fashion that has flooded summer resorts in recent years, frequented mainly by teenagers and young people.

It is the gas of laughter, which, according to British press data, is responsible for the death of 25 young people in Great Britain, in the years 2010-2016, years for which statistics are available.

The gas of laughter in recent years is a scourge mainly in the area of ​​free Famagusta, with the Police trying in every way to prosecute the sellers and their employers, who after being accused in writing, are then released to be summoned later before a Court .

The dangerous… laugh

For the sale of this product, the Police is conducting campaigns since the sale of laughing gas is on the rise during the summer months, mainly in the areas of Protaras and Ayia Napa.

As the spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, told REPORTER, "this gas is anesthetic and is used in small-scale surgeries and has some side effects, such as anemia in prolonged administration, acute respiratory failure, and circulatory shock."

He also noted that "cases of nephrological damage have been reported in persons who abuse laughing gas or in some patients with prolonged administration or in patients with insufficiency".

He also explained how "nitrogen oxide (laughing gas) can cause dizziness, euphoria, loss of contact with reality, hallucinations and laughter."

Up to two years in prison

Police campaigns to detect illegal gas are expanding in the summer, when experts seek to sell laughing gas to tourists who are having fun in nightclubs.

As Mr. Andreou pointed out, for those arrested, criminal charges are brought against them and the case is registered before the Court, while the sentences provided are up to two years in prison or a fine of up to 2562 euros.

Regarding the cases of the last five years, from the data held by the Police, there is a continuous increase of the phenomenon, since in 2015 the Authorities occupied twelve cases, while in 2016, they rose to fifteen.

In 2017, the number of cases reached nineteen, while last year there was a huge increase, after a total of fifty-two cases were recorded.

"In the specific four years, 98 cases were recorded and 216 gas cylinders, 6,766 ampoules, 8,159 balloons offered to customers were confiscated and 10,290 euros were confiscated", according to Mr. Andreou.

As for this year, although we are still in the early summer season, the Police have so far arrested a total of nine people for selling laughing gas, while ten gas cylinders, 479 ampoules, 77 balloons and 477 euros were confiscated.

Laughing gas... delivery!

A little research on the internet reveals how easily one can buy laughing gas.

Apparently, there are circuits that have prepared online advertisements, where a contact phone is listed, to which customers can send a message to order the gas.

Then, the employees of the company go to the respective hotel of the customers in Ayia Napa, where they deliver the product.

For advertising purposes, companies also have social media pages.

laughing gas Laughing gas, Nea Famagusta

Sellers with specific qualifications are wanted

On another web page, circuits are looking for employees to sell laughing gas, also in Ayia Napa.

Specifically, the page states that, “this is a fun job for girls who want to talk to young people. "You will usually work alone and reach out to people to persuade them to buy whatever you are selling."

Regarding working hours, the company states how, “it is usually seven days and you may need to help prepare the jelly during the day. "Working hours will usually be from 22:00 to 02:00 for bars and from 01:00 to 05:00 for clubs, however this may vary depending on the venues."

laughing gas1 Laughing gas, Nea Famagusta

"You work, you are not on vacation"

The page also clarifies that customers can ask the girls to consume a jelly or laughing gas with them, while noting that "you have to remember that you are there for work, not for vacation. Therefore, you must remain sober, so that you handle money properly, do not lose your products or generally make a bad impression.

He also explains that the profit comes from the sales, since the employees will receive a commission, depending on how many quantities they will sell.

"You have to be attractive"

In terms of the… qualifications required for candidates to win a job, the page explains, "You have to be attractive enough for customers to want to approach you, but you also have to have sales skills and be able to in flirting to persuade them to buy the products ".

Asked to comment on the online advertisements and whether the Police are targeting the traders or the sellers, the Police Spokesman Christos Andreou, stressed that a person who was the employer of two girls, who had been arrested for sale, has already been brought to court. gas. The saleswomen were fined six hundred euros, while the employer's case is ongoing.

Source: REPORTER / George Hatzipanagi