Rich program for the Ayia Napa Flood - The whole program

Greek singers Nikos Makropoulos and Nikos Zoidakis at the Agia Napa Flood events

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The program of the three-day events of the Flood/Fish Festival/Water Festival is again rich this year, which is expected to excite the attendees and provide unforgettable and unrepeatable moments.

Both the artistic part and all the activities that will take place throughout the three days are consistent with this great Folk Festival, so in addition to the two big concerts of the singers Nikos Makropoulos (Sunday 04/06) and Nikos Zoidakis (Saturday 03/06) also stand out, the dance groups of the Municipality of Agia Napa, "Kimon" Xylotympos and "Yasoumeia" Dasous ΄Achnas, which will present Island/Cypriot/Folk Greek Dances, and Songs, the Chiattism Competitions, the Love Songs and in Folk Poetry (Monday 05/06), the Water Ski Races, the Fly Board Show, Boating, Holy Cross diving, as well as demonstrations of fishing crafts such as sewing nets, making carp, as well as filleting and grilling fish .

The events will be honored with her presence on Sunday, June 04, 2023, and the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Mrs. Marina Hatzimanoli, will address a greeting. It is also noted that the evening (Monday 05/06) where the Folk Poetry, Chiattist and Love Song Competitions will be held is dedicated to the two acclaimed Folk Poets and performers of our Cypriot Traditional Music, Kyriakou Pelagia and Kyriakos Mappoura, who recently left life and during the event the Municipality of Ayia Napa will pay posthumous honor to both unforgettable voices of our tradition.

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