ELAM welcomes the announcement of POVEK Famagusta for the Deryneia roadblock


ELAM welcomes the announcement issued by Mrs. Maria Moleski on behalf of POVEK Famagusta, which expresses concern about the opening of the Deryneia roadblock.

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Read the announcement of ELAM as it is:

"The National Popular Front (ELF) is the only party, as everyone knows, that is clearly against the opening of roadblocks, as well as in favor of closing the existing ones that are open.

Therefore, we welcome the statements of Mrs. Maria Moleski, on behalf of the shopkeepers POVEK Famagusta, who expressed her concern and concern regarding the opening of the Deryneia roadblock, as it will create a huge problem of industrial viability and tourism activities.

We can not but welcome the announcement of EDEK, which, seeing the rapid rise of ELAM, began to embrace its positions. After a holiday, they remembered that European funds should be cut to Turkey and the pseudo-state, now they remembered that the Deryneia roadblock should not be opened. We hope that in the next copy they will not forget to mention the source. "