Famagusta District: ELAM announced four other candidates

Chrysostomos (Tomis) Chrysostomou, Zouvanis Zouvani (Pitta), Andrea Konstantinidou and Athos Antoniou were announced - The eight ELAM candidates so far in the province of Famagusta for the Parliamentary elections have been announced.

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ELAM announced four more candidacies that as of today staff its ballot for the Parliamentary Elections of next May in the province of Famagusta.

These are the businessman Chrysostomos (Tomis) Chrysostomou, the Hotel Manager Zouvanis Zouvanis (Pitta), the German philologist and gymnast Andrea Konstantinidou and the private employee Athos Antoniou who fill in the ballot paper after the announcement of the former MP Political Planning ELAM Poly Evangelidis, the Warrior of 31 MK 1974 Savva Michailidis and the private employee and Member of the Central Committee Marinos Papakonstantinou.

The CVs of the four new candidates:

tomis PARLIAMENTARY 2021, PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS, Parliamentary Elections 2021, ELAM

Ο Chrysostomos (Tomis) Chrysostomou was born in Larnaca in 1978, originating from the occupied communities of Agios Sergios and Tavros, in the province of Famagusta. He is married to Diana Chrysostomou and the father of 3 children. He graduated from the Hotel Department of the Technical School "Dianellios", while he served his military service as a Sergeant in the Army. He then worked for a number of years in Birmingham, UK, where he set up his own catering business. He returned to Cyprus in 2010, where he opened his own family business in Larnaca. He holds a degree in lifeguarding, a profession with which he was active from time to time. He was raised in a family with strong feelings of refugee pain and a desire to return. His refugee parents passed on to him his deep-rooted love for the seaside city of Evagoras, Famagusta. He has been an active member of the historical union of Anorthosis since 2010. The political corruption and decay that governs the party establishment, led him to his decision to run as a Member of Parliament with ELAM in Famagusta, as it is the only pure political party, which does not involved in scandals.

zouvanis PARLIAMENTARY 2021, PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS, Parliamentary Elections 2021, ELAM

Ο Zouvanis Zouvani (Pitta) was born in 1976 in Paralimni with origin from the family of the fighter and hero of EOKA Fotis Pitta. His parents are Michalis Zouvani (Pittas) from Sotira and Androulla Kakouri Zouvani from Paralimni. He is the father of five children. He is a graduate of Paralimni High School, and then served his military service along the Opposition Line in the Free Province of Famagusta. He holds a degree in Democracy, while he has specialized knowledge in agriculture and firefighting, where he has worked for a number of years. In the context of his social activity, he had developed intense activity as a scout, but also as a popular writer with the aim of spreading the Cypriot tradition and history. It is worth mentioning his active action for the protection and promotion of archeological sites of Cyprus and especially of the Province of Famagusta. His social contribution as a blood donor organizer throughout Cyprus is important. His political career began in 1999. He served as provincial secretary in the political arena from 2006 to 2009. He was a founding member of the Animal Protection Group with the aim of passing laws. The political corruption and the derailment of the talks on the Cyprus issue, pushed him to run as a Member of Parliament with ELAM in the Province of Famagusta.

Antrea PARLIAMENTARY 2021, PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS, Parliamentary Elections 2021, ELAM

Η Andrea Konstantinidou was born in 1986 in Limassol, to refugee parents. Her father, George Konstantinidis, a gymnast by profession, comes from Kato Deryneia, Famagusta District, and her mother, Haris Giannakou Konstantinidou, comes from Kato Zodia, Morphou. He graduated from the 7th Lyceum of Polemidia and then studied German Philology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. During her student years she was an active member of the Autonomous Student Group Drasis KES, with strong participation in the public. Upon her return to Cyprus, she worked for a number of years as a professor of German Philology. At the same time, he holds a diploma "Advanced Instructor" from the company Lesmills, where he taught fitness programs in various gyms in Limassol, it is worth noting that he has participated in international sports festivals, hosted by Cyprus. Having an active participation in the public, he was a member of the Youth and Sports Committee of the Municipality of Limassol. Her desire for Liberation and her anxieties for the prosperity of the Hellenism of Cyprus, led her to the National Popular Front, where she is a member of the Central Organizational Directorate and the Central Committee.

Athos PARLIAMENTARY 2021, PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS, Parliamentary Elections 2021, ELAM

Ο Athos Antoniou was born on November 18, 1993 in Paphos. He comes from the Trifylli family, who are refugees from Peristeronopigi, Famagusta. His parents are Kyriakos Antoniou and Elena Trifilli. He graduated from Kykkos High School in Paphos in 2011, while he served his term in the National Guard in the 287th Motorized Infantry Battalion, as a Lieutenant Colonel. He then went to Australia to study in the Timber sector, where he also worked in the field of his studies. Since 2019, when he returned to Cyprus, he has been working for a private carpentry company. He has been a member of the Central Committee of ELAM since 2020, continuing the work of his late competitor and brother, Dimitris Antoniou, who for ten consecutive years was an active member of the Youth Front of our faction in the Paphos District. He is running as a candidate for Member of Parliament of ELAM in the Province of Famagusta, with a vision of the liberation of our semi-occupied homeland, the return of refugees to their ancestral homes, so that the blue and white wave in Queen Famagusta.