DERYNEIA: The skate board park of alternative activities has been upgraded

The park of alternative skate board activities in the Municipality of Deryneia was upgraded

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The park of alternative activities of skate board in the Municipality of Deryneia, which was created in 2012, was upgraded.

As the Mayor of Deryneia Andros Karagiannis stated in KYPE "the creation of the park of alternative activities skate board was done after a written letter - suggestion of a group of teenagers to the Municipal Council, in which we were informed in detail about the benefits of this sport". The Municipality, he said, "contacted the Cyprus Sports Organization which granted the construction of the park of alternative activities by 85%".

He added that "the specific park cost around 50 thousand euros, however it is constantly upgraded and expanded with the addition of new ramps, in order to serve the fans of this extreme sport, which has a great impact on the youth of the Municipality in general and adults. "Apart from children and young people, adults over the age of 25 are also active in the alternative activity park."

According to Mr. Karagiannis "in the area of ​​the park there is special lighting to save energy that works until midnight since young people practice and exercise on the skate board until that time."

He also mentioned that in the park located next to the auxiliary sports facilities of "Anagennisi" on Zomenis Street, there is a playground - outdoor gym, offering healthy employment for children and young people both in Deryneia and the surrounding area.

Answering a relevant question, the Mayor said that "the upgrade of this park was an urgent need in the context of the Regeneration and Reconstruction of Parks within the municipal boundaries of Deryneia and for this purpose the Municipal Council approved a special fund. "Several parks are under reconstruction, due to the increased need that exists in the area."

He also noted that "the fact that more and more couples choose to live permanently in Deryneia and have children, housing their family, created the need to rebuild the parks, by placing more toys."

According to Mr. Karagiannis, "Deryneia has joined the Housing Plan for the Rehabilitation of Mountainous, Critical and Disadvantaged Areas, offered by the Ministry of Interior for permanent settlement in the area. Deryneia is the first in Cyprus in the applications for housing of young couples in the specific Housing Plan and the Local Authority, since several young people choose our Municipality to be housed and have children, must take care of the children, creating new parks and upgrading them. existing ".