POED elections: Loukas Tsoukkas is the first to vote in Famagusta

Lukas Tsoukkas from Avgorou was the first to vote for the teachers of Famagusta

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The elections for the promotion of the representatives of the Primary, Pre-Primary and Special Teachers in the POED took place last Thursday 24/9/20.

The announcement of PADED Protoporia as it is:

"According to the final results, out of a total of 538 valid ballots in the ballot box of Famagusta for the election of teachers of POED, Lukas Tsoukkas received a total of 190 votes and took first place among the candidates of all factions of POED Famagusta, with a very large difference from the rest.

The success of Lukas Tsoukas is the culmination of many years of hard work, a fact that is recognized by all teachers, both in Free Famagusta and the members of POED Famagusta who live in the other Provinces. Most likely, by analogy, Lukas may have secured the highest percentage of votes of almost all POED candidates nationwide (almost 2 out of 5 Famagusta voters supported Lukas Tsoukas).

At the same time, the presence of the kindergarten teacher Evi Isaak from Paralimni was exceptional, who received 50 votes and the first place among the kindergarten candidates in the area.

An interesting statistic is that the contracted teacher of indefinite duration Marios Kassiouris managed to receive a very large number of votes and the first place among new teachers, while among the refugee candidates of Famagusta the first place was taken by Antonis Tinis (with 115 votes).

"Last but not least, the fact that a party claimed the election with 60% of its candidates being principals or principals of schools in the area, which may have played a role in the outcome of the election."