Elementary Parents Confederation: Dissatisfaction with the way the "test to stay" is implemented

They ask those in charge "to deal even now with the practical daily problems" faced by the schools.

rapid test sxoleia Test to Stay, Primary Education

The Pancyprian Confederation of Parents' Associations of Primary Schools, expresses its dissatisfaction and disagreement with the way the "test to stay" measure is implemented, in a statement, asking those in charge to "deal even now with the practical daily problems". , faced by school units.

It also refers to a serious lack of dialogue since the Pancyprian Confederation of Primary School Parents has not been invited to participate in meetings concerning the taking of measures and the children are only informed about the implementation of the measures after the decisions have already been taken.

"We are two years after the pandemic and it seems that they have not yet come up with a comprehensive action plan, endangering both the health and the education of our children. "Unfortunately, the children during these two years have been irreparably affected in terms of their psychological world and there is concern about the extent of the educational weaknesses, as we are going through the third school year in conditions of a pandemic", he adds.

For the past 2 years, the Pancyprian Confederation states, "we listen to and follow the instructions of the Council of Ministers and are informed by the competent Ministries on how to implement the protocols in the school units".

"Decisions are made at a very fast pace to tackle the pandemic. However, we find a serious lack of communication. "What we are constantly hearing is that the main guide for all the decisions that are made is the health of our children and their safe stay in the school units", he notes.

In addition, he states that the concerns and arguments of the Organized Parents were not taken into account.

"The suggestion to implement the protocol as announced on Sunday since it would be done on a pilot basis is not accepted. We express our dissatisfaction and disagreement with the way this measure is implemented, which once again did not allow children to return to their normal school hours and result in the suffering of parents and teachers. "We ask those in charge to deal even now with the practical daily problems faced by the schools", he adds.

The Pancyprian Confederation of Primary Parents states that it will raise a number of issues at a meeting of the Board of Directors to schedule informative meetings with Parents, press conferences, online informative seminars and meetings with all stakeholders.